How do people generally use OneNote?

How do people generally use OneNote? by Rajesh Sampathkumar

Answer by Rajesh Sampathkumar:

Some things I use it for:

  1. Keeping track of meeting agendas and minutes
  2. Taking notes in training programmes and classrooms
  3. Coming up with ideas / writing about specific, topical things
  4. Saving invoices, online transaction information as a page printed to OneNote
  5. Organizing ideas for patents and inventions and as an engineering notebook
  6. Composing lengthy or detailed emails before I send them out (used to use MS Word before this, but it doesn't auto save)
  7. Keeping track of things to do in a project plan (OneNote has check boxes, stars and question marks amongst other icons that you can use as bullets)
  8. Saving files from an idea I'm developing in context, with time stamps. Although sharepoint may be a better idea here, this works if I don't have to use the network or save locally, for my use.
  9. Saving screenshots and images of funny pictures on a specific topic
  10. Keeping track of news items on a specific topic for research. IE9/10 has a One Note extension, which works well. However, if you use Chrome like me there may be a handicap.

How do people generally use OneNote?


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