How do I build a strong resume?

How do I build a strong resume? by @NelsonsThoughts

Answer by Nelson Wang:

  • Focus on results
    • That's great that you worked in sales, but how much did you actually sell?
      • Example #1: My role was to focus on generating sales with clients
      • Example #2: I was the #1 salesperson on my team and I generated over $4.5M in revenue and 110% Year over Year growth.
      • Verdict: #2 outshines #1. Hands down.
    • That's terrific that you worked in marketing, but how many leads did you actually generate?
      • Example #1: I handled online marketing campaigns
      • Example #2: My 20 marketing campaigns drove 1000 leads and 30% of those converted into closed deals which resulted in $1M in sales
      • Verdict: #2 takes the cake over #1. No doubt.
    • That's fantastic that you worked as a product manager, but how successful was that product exactly?
      • I'll spare you the example. I think you get the idea.
  • Build a raving fan base
    • Include strong testimonials from customers, peers, bosses or mentors that highlight your work
    • Their words are weighed more heavily than yours (Social validation)
  • Get creative
    • Consider using other tools to showcase your experience and what you bring to the table like:
      • A video resume on Youtube
      • A presentation deck customized for that specific company on Google Slides, Prezi or Microsoft powerpoint
      • A plan on how you're specifically going to help in that role
      • A completed project that you'd actually do in the role itself (talk about showing commitment and value). For example, if you were applying for sales, what if you introduced them to an interested client?
      • Building a website (like
      • 99% percent of your competition won't do this extra work. They'd rather submit that same old resume to every job opening. Think about how much this helps you stand out from the crowd.

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How do I build a strong resume?


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