What are some professional (technical, soft, management etc.) skills one can learn and master in a couple of days or a week?

What are some professional (technical, soft, management etc.) skills one can learn and master in a co… by @rsinha819

Answer by Rahul Sinha:

Learning something faster is mostly about mindset. When you want to learn something, you’ve to focus on effective “HOW”. Because there is one effective way for doing something in least possible time with maximum results.

Now, it is necessary to find that “How”. Here are my tips

  • Make more attempts. This is simple yet effective way of doing something if you’ve no prior knowledge. The more attempts you make to do something, the less time you’ll take to master it.

We believe that there must be a hidden door to go to the mastery room. But, as such no door exist. You’ve to pass through the same ordinary door.

Why we stress on attempts? Attempts make you observant of your own actions and you analyse quickly that what went wrong and how can it be corrected. So, more attempts allow you to have an eagle eye on your way of doing something. That’s how you improve the way you do something.

So, if you’ve to learn something quickly, you’ve to manage your time to make more attempts to learn it. By doing it, you can learn faster than others because you making attempts at faster rate than anyone else.

  • Guidance is important. Probably, before you others also learned same thing and they know a better way of doing something. So, having a guide or teacher next to you is better than have none. If you’ve a mentor with you, your first attempt to learn something would be better than the first attempt of the one who has no information.

And, your attempts to learning something faster will be less than other.

All the gadgets come with guidance booklet. Why? Simply, to help you in your first attempt. If you won’t have that then probably you’ll mess up.

So, have someone experienced with you who can teach you to learn something in a better way.

  • Answering “Why” is important. Ask yourself, “Why”? Why do you want to learn something so quickly? That reason will keep you on track in learning it faster.

Because when you know why you doing something and what’ll be the likely benefits? You’ll give your best efforts in doing it.

So, give yourself explicit answer of “WHY?”.

  • Make small but consistent efforts.

When you start learning something new, you’ll have interest for a short period. After that you’ll lose your interest. And, when there is no interest, then you can’t learn it. So, to keep your interest alive and active.

Make small efforts in learning something. And, allow small breaks between two efforts. It will not only help to review your efforts but also to make a better effort next time.

Be smart with your efforts because when you’ve less time to learn something and you don’t have to lose interest.

Now, when you know how to adopt quick learning, you can develop the relevant skills quickly compare to others. To master them, you need to give more time.

Skills vary according to professions and industry. Like if you’re in computer programming, then you should know how to code and code in different languages. So, pick the skills based on your domain.

Here are general skills which one should’ve regardless of the field

1. Be an active listener. Just imagine how it feels when someone listening you and you’re sharing all your thoughts. You’ll feel amazing by the fact that the person giving you time to share your thoughts. Interruptions free!

When you listen to others actively, you reflect that they are the most important person in the room. They feel good and grateful to you.

This is difficult to master but at least you can try to develop. You just have to make other person that he really matters to you. And, he’ll share all his thoughts, ideas to you naturally.

2. Have an eye to distinguish between urgent and important. We generally find everything urgent and important. But, there is a fine thin line of difference between urgent and important. And, it happens because we’ve no proper schedule.

Have a proper organized schedule so that you can figure out what’s important or urgent right now?

And, to develop this skill, you don’t need years. Couple of days efforts will be enough to develop it. To master, it needs commitment.

3. Salesmanship. Persuading people to buy your ideas or products is a great skill and always in- demand regardless of the industry you’re in. If you able to offer your ideas in a ways that other can’t reject, you achieve great results. In your life, on many occasions you’ll be in a situation where you’ve to show the salesman in you.

4. Writing. Writing is just not about proper usage of grammar but presenting your thoughts in a coherent form. Expressing your thoughts in a lucid manner can help you in many places. Everyone has this ability but few master this art.

5. Positive Attitude. This is one skill one should learn and develop in his life. Because everyday we come across various situations and face struggles and challenges. And, to survive in those circumstances, you need positivity in your life.

When you learn to be positive, the world seems more good to you. Everything will seem interesting, and joyful. And, the best way to develop this skill is to practice it daily. Because you need it daily. Staying positive keeps you happy all the time and your mind stay active to find solutions of problems regardless of its size.

6. Being confident. This is just not a characteristic of a person but also a skill anyone can develop. And, what’s importance it hold in our lives. We are aware of it. In every thing you do, confidence required.

You can train yourself to be confident even if you didn’t born with this key trait. You just need to invest your time and efforts on it and this skill is yours. And, you can imagine the massive benefits it can provide you. To develop this skill, check this thread.

Keep learning, developing and mastering! You never know when and how, a skill can be proven as your life-saver.

What are some professional (technical, soft, management etc.) skills one can learn and master in a couple of days or a week?


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